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Sipeed Maix Bit, a 64-bit dual core RISC-V AI development board

Sipeed MAIX is one of the cheapest RISC-V development boards in the world. It is a dual-core module capable of running at 400MHz (can be overclocked to 800MHz) and has Neural Network  Accelerators topping at 0.5 TOPS with Tensorflow Lite support. Unable to resist, I backed the  Indiegogo campaign  and received the boards couple of weeks ago. One more feature of this $12 super-spec-ed development board is that it supports MicroPython. It was time for a  "Hello World" program. Components Sipeed MAIX Bit development board USB Type-C data cable Linux Laptop (I used Arch Linux ) The development board has CH-340 chip, the infamous USB-Serial adaptor. So once you connect the USB Type-C cable to your host computer, it will be enumerated as a usb serial device. Note the  QinHeng Electronics HL-340 USB-Serial adapter. That is our Sipeed MAIX device's USB-Serial interface. Now this comes pre-programmed with the default firmware. You can find all the fir