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Virtual Gesture Input Device Hack using Wiimote

 This projects aims at designing a low cost gesture based input device for computers using a Nintendo Wii Remote(Wiimote). This work is inspired by the virtual whiteboard projects done by Johnny Lee of Carnegie Mellon University. He had used windows based bluetooth stack & wiimote interface library with Visual C#. Here I made use of Cwiid library for python and implemented in Linux environments too.  Components used: Wii-remote USB Bluetooth dongle* Infrared-LED Python Libraries - Cwiid, Pygame *If your computer has built-in bluetooth, a dongle is not necessary. WIIMOTE:  Wiimote is a hand-held primary controller for Nintendo's Wii console. Besides just being a joystick, it has multiple features as follows: 3-axis accelerometer Infra-Red Camera Piezo Speaker Rumble-Vibration feedback Player LEDs (also indicate battery level) Buttons Bluetooth connectivity External I2C port IR CAMERA:  The wiimote has a 128x96 resolutio