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Arietta G25 - an Atmel ARM9 board

While I own a Raspberry Pi already, I was looking for a bare minimum ARM development board capable of running Linux and offers a good amount of I/O peripherals which the R-Pi lacks. I finally stumbled upon Arietta G25, a really tiny ARM board from acmesystems. This teeny tiny board costed just $35 from . Arietta G25 Arietta G25 Features: ARM9 @ 400Mhz 128MB or 256MB DDR2 RAM UART, ADC, I2C, USB and lot more peripherals! My Setup: My laptop which will be the host here runs Arch Linux. The first step would be loading the image for Arietta in the microSD card. I downloaded Debian Wheezy Grip 7.7 image from  here  and wrote the image to a 4GB microSD card. The next step would be to setup an SSH connection between the Laptop and Arietta G25. Before that, let us disable the dhcp service in Arch Linux(Host). sudo systemctl stop dhcpcd.service If the image is correctly loaded into the microSD card, the red LED on Arietta board will start