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Won 2nd place in National Level Electronics Design Contest !!!

Last month could have been never better without the "Electronics For you " design contest ' s results announcement. I was delighted to find my name at the 2nd place in the winner's list under Raspberry Pi category for my project named "Smiley-Pi". Very surprised that my previously discussed project in my blog turned out to be a prize winning project. So what is it?   Smiley - Pi   is a tiny Nokia caller LCD(extensively discussed here & here ) based status notifier for Raspberry-Pi. The name is derived from a mode of operation where it uses various smiley images to indicate system information like temperature. The tiny 0.9", 96x65 monochrome caller LCD of Nokia 2760 is interfaced through bit-banged SPI to the Raspberry-Pi. The base driver application is coded in C and higher level in shell & Python scripts. The user application can use any language which can invoke the driver binaries in it.   Many times we would have