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Building a 49cc Street Legal Motorized Bicycle

Hello everyone! Almost 6 months ago, I moved to Oregon for my work and started looking at cheaper modes of transport to work. The transit and MAX worked for sometime but the bus stops and stations are simply too far from my home and I found myself spending at least 30 minutes everyday for a 3 mile commute to work and another 30 minutes back to home. Buying a car was not on my budget and new motorcycles were expensive too.  That is when I started looking at cheaper options like a bicycle, skateboard, electric scooter, e-bikes, segways etc. It was my dream to build an electric vehicle since my teenage. Finding an opportunity here, I started scouting for resources related to electric bikes and skateboard building. Among all the forums and resources I found online, 99% of them suggested that the batteries are expensive and the range of electric vehicles is limited.  And I stumbled upon a forum post which suggested that a motorized bike might be a better option. Though I assumed t